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SweetShot Cakery Baker

A happy wife and mother of two lovely young women, self taught in the  kitchen, cooking and baking felt more like a performance. Feeding my  family and watching them enjoy a wholesome meal followed by homemade dessert was EVERYTHING that made me smile! The holidays  always brought large family gatherings our way and the variety of savory dishes and sweet desserts soon became a Facebook post before the night ended. Family cravings brought on my passion for baking. I used my skill to contribute to school fundraisers, local charity events and church functions. I generated a wonderful customer base through    family, friends and neighbors. 



SweetShot Cakery is a family owned, licensed, inspected & certified home-based bakery in Easton, Pennsylvania. Recreating my family's favorite homemade desserts, specializing in 4-Layer Tall Cakes, Drizzle Shot Cupcake Minis and warm Crumb Butter Cakes. Nothing fancy, just homemade goodness!! No fondant or complicated ingredients, just old fashion buttery goodness. It's that secret slice of  cake you'll wrap and hide away BEFORE the guest arrives. Let me introduce you to the SweetShot Cakery experience! 

We use the finest ingredients and traditional methods to produce exceptionally moist baked goods. Baked fresh upon request, these scrumptious treats will add just the right touch to any occasion!

Homemade Goodness...from our family to yours,

Lisa Rucker, Owner

SweetShot Cakery

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